Samantha and Marc-André Mushers Manitoba

Marc-André & Samantha

We embarked on the journey that is dogsledding 8 years ago, after meeting and establishing a friendship with a musher in Northwest Territories and making the decision to take over his kennel of 8 Siberian Huskies, it became clear that we wanted to dedicate our lives to raising and caring for these incredible working dogs. We brought our dogs with us to Churchill, MB in 2010 where we trained and learned together and developed the deep unshakeable bond that we share today.

We want to share our passion and introduce folks to the incredible spirit and drive that our dogs possess. Dogsledding is more than “work” for our dogs it is something that they love to do, and we want to share that with our guests.

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 Email Marc-André & Samantha


 Email Marc-André & Samantha to book your adventure

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Le “vas-vite” experience

Duration approximately 2 hours

Your experience will include a welcome into "Adventure Headquarters", where you are greeted by our mushers, and your dog team for the day.
Your group will spend time getting to know the dogs and learning about the sport before embarking two at a time on the sled to ride with your musher for a 3 km run through the woods (lasting approximately 20 mins) .
Upon your return, you can help care for the dogs and warm up with a light refreshment by the fire.
This is a truly authentic winter activity!

Please dress according to the weather of the day.

Toques, Baseball caps, and T-shirts available for purchase on location!!!


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Tour Rates

Minimum 4 people per group
$75 per person
Age limited to 5 years and older
$50 surcharge for groups fewer than 4 people

Credit / Debit / Cash accepted

We will provide other contact info when we receive your  email or Facebook requests.

Our Dogs


Mission and Philosophy

Our highest priority is the whole health of our dogs for their whole lives. To achieve optimum health we are dedicated to fostering the innate abilities of our Siberian and Alaskan Huskies, in the sport of dogsledding. Our dogs are family and we strive to meet their every need as athletes, working dogs and individuals.

Contact Us

Harness Adventure Mushing Co.

Harness Adventure Mushing Co.

Richer MB
30 minutes east of Winnipeg MB
 Email Marc-André & Samantha to book your adventure.
We will provide other contact info when we receive your  email or Facebook requests.